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You could probably do it yourself, but is it the best use of your time?

For Businesses

For Personal

Vacation Planning & Scheduling


Internet Research


Pet care: Arrange pet sitting, find pet care providers, schedule vet appointments


Home maintenance: Schedule repairs, manage contractors, order supplies


Travel planning and arrangements: Book flights, hotels, and transportation, research destinations, plan itineraries


Elderly care: Find and arrange in-home care, manage medical appointments, order groceries and supplies


Event planning: Plan parties, weddings, or other events, coordinate logistics, manage vendors


Holiday planning and shopping: Research gift ideas, compare prices, order gifts online


Parenting and childcare: Find childcare providers, manage childcare schedules, organize activities


Gift giving: Find unique gifts, arrange gift wrapping, send gifts to recipients


Home décor: Find décor items, arrange for installation, style rooms or spaces


Personal shopping: Shop for clothes, groceries, or other items, compare prices, find the best deals


Mental health and well-being: Find therapists, schedule therapy appointments, access mental health resources


Self-care and relaxation: Book spa treatments, find relaxation techniques, arrange for personal care services


Organize Community Events


Find and organize house cleaning, window cleaning 


Find and Organize Gutter Cleaning


Hiring a Postpartum Doula: A postpartum doula.


Outsource Errand Running


Arrange an Expert Consultation (Any Subject)


Local Photography


Jewelry Design




Book DMV Appointment 


Tutoring Help (Virtual)


Shopping list optimization for best pricing


Mechanic (find best available options)


Schedule Cleaning Services


Schedule Irregularly Timed Trash Pickup


Find and schedule handymen to fix things


Arrange for truck pickups 


Arrange laundry services to have clothes cleaned, folded or dry cleaned 

Call and Setup Appointments 

Advanced Excel Work

PowerPoint Presentation Enhancement

Internet Research

Infographic Creation

Graphic Design

Data Entry

Transcribe Audio Recordings

Translation Services

DIY Explanation & Research

Temporary Virtual Assistant

Accounting Help (virtual or temporary): Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable 


Financial Projections

Business Plan Assistance


Data Visualization

Survey design and creation

Schedule appointments and meetings

Temporary customer service help


Prepare Legal Documents

Order Office Supplies

Handle correspondence

Provide general support


Technical support: Troubleshoot computer problems, install software, provide technical assistance, Answer Technology Questions or Temporary Technology Help


Create Story Boards

Video Editing and Enhancement

Manage Calendars and Schedules

Process Invoices and Payments

Coordinate with Vendors and Suppliers

Prepare and Distribute Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Maintain Office Databases and Spreadsheets

Prepare Travel Expense Reports

Design Invitations using Graphic Design

Book Conference Rooms and Training Facilities

Handle Incoming and Outgoing Mail

Conduct Research /

Due Diligence on Potential Vendors, Suppliers, or Business Partners

Manage Company Social Media Accounts

Order and Distribute Company Promotional Items/Tchotchke

Handle Employee Onboarding and Off-Boarding

Research Best Practices

Update Employee Handbooks and Policy Documents

Organize and Manage Employee Training and Development Programs

Assist with Employee Recognition and Incentive Programs

Manage Employee Attendance and Time-off Records

Maintain and Update Company Website and Online Presence

Plan and Organize Company Events

Manage Company Branding and Marketing Materials

Maintain Company Archives and Historical Records

Conduct Market Research and Competitor analysis

Assist with Employee Relocation and Travel Arrangements

Content Creation

Content Moderation

AI Model Implementation and Training

AI Agent & Chatbox Development

Website Design and A/B Testing

Implementation of Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) programs

SEO/SMO/ Digital Marketing

Data Mining and Cleansing

Audio Editing

Image Editing 

Voice Artist Recording

Whiteboard animation 

B2B lead generation

Data Entry

Web Scraping

Packaging Design


Call and Setup Appointments 


Technical support: Troubleshoot computer problems, install software, provide technical assistance, Answer Technology Questions or Temporary Technology Help 


All workers we provide have been highly vetted in both experience and rating.

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