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A Managed Service Provider for Freelancers
Flexibility and Cost Savings

Freelance management is the solution when you don't want to make a large financial committment.


Freelance management is the solution when you don't want to make a large financial committment.

Today, business is more dynamic and global than ever before. Firms need flexibility to pivot where opportunity presents itself. Outsourcing, was one of the first ways to keep fixed salary expenses down. Outsourcing and contracting still present a large commitment. The evolution from Outsourcing and Managed Services is HelpT. We help businesses save money, maintain quality and gain flexibility. Our business model revolves around a large pool of proven freelancers, located globally and on many different platforms. You can think of HelpT as experts at managing freelancers or freelance market places. So, you gain the advantages of outsourcing in a managed services business model, but you also gain flexibility and cost savings from having freelancers rather than contractors.

How Customers Use HelpT
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Overview of services we provide.

We help augment your staffing needs. We do this by providing less of a financial and time commitment.  We offer hourly services, or mini-project costing--with little to no commitment.  We help source talent and manage the talent. We look forward to helping you meet your needs while saving money.

Admin Support

We have Admin Assistants for those days when you need them.

We have people and technological solutions for those monotonous data entry tasks.


We have a bevy of  administrative support for when you need it.


Accounting work is bumpy, with certain times of the year and month being busier than others. We have people who can help you during these peak periods, including expertise in FP&A, A/P, A/R, Reconciliation, and basic accounting.

Software, Web, & Mobile Development

Firms use our services for many reasons. Sometimes they use HelpT's development services to augment their staff; other times they use HelpT when they do not have the expertise in house;  We have access to all types of developers, for any need you may have.


Content, Copywriting and Proofreading are needed for many different reasons that range from developing a presentation to enhancing a website to being active on blogs.  Whatever the need, HelpT can assist your firm develop high-quality content.

Design & Creative

Some firms have publishing departments that design presentations, including designing infographics, and other graphics.  Many times even when companies have publishing departments they are overwhelmed. Other firms without those departments need professional assistance.  HelpT can be there to supplement your design and creative needs.  We have access to thousands of talented designers and creatives for every type of budget.


HelpT is a way to lower your legal burden and bill.  Attorneys, Paralegals and Legal Assistants are available to do the preliminary work and drafts needed, before senior legal professionals provide the finishing touches.

Data Science & Analytics

Today, big data and data analysis is as important as ever for marketing, understanding your customer or competition, and for many other reasons.  HelpT has the expertise needed to analyze data, test it, and more.

Services Include:

-Data Extraction/ETL,

-AI & Machine Learning

-Business Intelligence (BI)

-Data Mining & Management

-and much more...

Project Management

Projects come and go, but staff usually stays approximately the same.  We have experienced technology (and other) project managers that fit your temporary and budgetary needs.  In addition, HelpT staff adds another layer of project management expertise as they oversee (to the extent needed and wanted) those project managers that you select from our vast resources.

QA Testing

If your firm has built a new site, a new page on a site, a new functionality or whatever the case may be, HelpT can get you the Quality Assurance (Q.A.) expertise you can afford and need. In addition, we have technologists that provide rigorous testing in ways that a human cannot. Our clients use both humans and technology to meet their testing needs.


Very often, sites and material is in one language.  However, clients and other stakeholders, in a global economy, are from all over the world. Consequently, many companies can benefit from otherwise lost opportunities by translating marketing collateral, websites, etc.

Customer Service

Maintaining a customer service department can be expensive. HelpT can offer affordable, trained specialists to help meet your customer needs, whether those needs are by phone, text, chat or even A.I .Chat.


All workers we provide have been highly vetted in both experience and rating.

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